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Session Team-Enjoying chez YY Vertical

What's better than a big stress-relief session, bouncing around in giant bubbles or shooting each other with rubber arrows to strengthen bonds?

It was the perfect opportunity to say thank you, to say goodbye, and to welcome those who are involved, have been involved, and will be involved in the life of YY Vertical ✌

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Les poutres d'entrainement d'escalade VerticalBoard par YY Vertical

The VerticalBoard series comprises 4 climbing hangboards designed to meet the needs of every climber.

At YY Vertical, we wanted to create a range of climbing training hangboards where every climber can find what they are looking for, whether in terms of technicality, functionality, accessibility, and price.

These beams were developed by our R&D department, within which seasoned climbers and trainers evolve, as well as with the help of professional climbers. This has allowed us to develop this range of training tools capable of meeting the demands of all climbers.

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Retour du salon de l'escalade !
Last November, the YY Vertical team went to the Climbing Fair at Alpexpo, in Grenoble. During the first day of the show, access is reserved for professionals. This is the perfect time to get to know the players in the...
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