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YY Vertical in ActuMontagne

Discover the ActuMontagne article on the YY Vertical brand

ActuMontagne, a webmagazine which relays sporting, cultural, economic and environmental news from the Alps, talks about the history of YY Vertical and its status as an innovative company.

ActuMontagne article on YY Vertical

[...] "Since then, YY Vertical has remained the world leader in belay goggles, but in ten years, the company has diversified into many areas of verticality. From warm-up to recovery, in through training, its clever products hit the mark with the community of climbers with whom YY cultivates a close relationship .

As journalist Sophie Chanaron explains in this article, YY Vertical innovates and optimizes climbing products, focusing on the small details that allow climbers to better experience their sport.

Known and recognized leader in climbing glasses, a product that we launched and democratized in the climbing world in 2013, our proximity to the climbing community has allowed us to develop other products in 5 important families : warm-up, training, climbing, recovery, and the universe climbs.

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