YY Vertical dans le magazine Présences

YY Vertical in Présences magazine

Discover the article from Présences magazine on the great performances recorded by YY Vertical

Présences, the magazine which relays economic news from Isère, talks about YY Vertical, its growth and its capacity to innovate in the climbing world.

article on YY Vertical in Présences magazine

[...] " We reap the benefits of our very strong proximity to the climbing community around the world , which allows us to develop prototypes according to needs and test them. YY Vertical now offers well-thought-out products in five large families, for warm-up, training, climbing itself, recovery and the climbing universe . These reasons, combined with an effective multi-channel distribution strategy, bring us to a level of growth that we have succeeded in achieving. maintain in 2023" .

As journalist Richard Gonzalez explains in this article, YY Vertical owes its success to the proximity established with the climbing community. This proximity was born from the launch of the brand, in 2013, with the flagship product - and still the leader today - which is the belay bezel.

For future projects, we will continue to push the development of innovative products thanks to our R&D center, without losing sight of our community positioning!

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