Le top 5 des cadeaux pour les grimpeurs

The top 5 gifts for climbers

For a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, discover many gift ideas for climbers. Here is a selection of the best gifts for all budgets, suitable for everyone, without needing to know the recipient's height, weight or shoe size. Give the perfect climber's gift with our guide to universal and practical gift ideas.

What gifts for those who climb?

Whether for a birthday, for a holiday such as Christmas, or for any other celebration, there are many gifts that can be made for climbers. Here is a selection of gift ideas for all budgets, universal and suitable for everyone, and above all: without having to know the height, weight or shoe size of the recipient.

Here is our list of the 5 best climbing gift ideas:

For route climbing: belay glasses

The belay glasses: the perfect gift for climbing a route

Before the innovation brought by YY Vertical, climbers often suffered from neck pain after belaying their partners. Thanks to YY Vertical's revolutionary belay glasses, saying goodbye to stiff necks is now possible.

The belay bezel is therefore the ideal gift for those who do difficult climbing and who are looking for comfort and safety, essential elements for any conscientious climber. What could be better than offering them THE original belaying glasses?

Discover our range of belay glasses, from €34.90

To recover and climb for longer: the massage device

The Massage device as a climbing gift

If there's something that all climbers know, it's that feeling of "bottles", those painfully swollen forearms after an intense effort.
It is therefore difficult to continue climbing or even to start a climbing session the next day.

Problem solved thanks to YY Vertical massage devices specially designed for climbers!
With their low weight and compact size, they are easy to carry and are ready to use after a demanding session.
It's the ideal gift for those who want to keep climbing without ever stopping!

Discover our range of special climbing massage devices, from €99.90

To hold the sockets better: brushes

The brush, the inexpensive climbing gift

Tired of not being able to hold climbing holds because they slip so much? Grip is crucial when climbing, and there's nothing more frustrating than slipping on a hold.
YY Vertical brushes are here to solve this problem!

With their bristle density well above average, YY Vertical brushes allow you to effectively clean sockets for optimal grip .
It's the perfect little tool for all self-respecting climbers who want to surpass themselves.
Plus, their affordable price makes them an ideal gift for all budgets.

Discover our range of climbing brushes, for indoor and outdoor use, from €9.90

To affirm your belonging to the community: the Keyholder

The gift for a climbing family: the keyholder

The YY Vertical Keyholder is the expression of an identity, the symbol of belonging to the great family of climbers. The Keyholder was created for those who want to assert their belonging to the climbing world... and never lose their keys again!

With its design evoking lifelike cracks and its colorful jambs, this key ring is both practical and stylish, a nod to the passion that drives every climber.
It's the perfect gift to never misplace your keys again and proudly display your love for climbing.

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For laughing and training: the mug with grip

The mug is a fun climbing gift

What's more fun than starting your day by firmly holding a climbing hold... on your mug! The YY Vertical mug allows you to drink your tea or coffee while training your fingers for climbing.

With its 3 different holds, the climber's mug is a gift that is both fun and practical, ideal for climbers who like to add a touch of originality to their routine.

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Bonus. To progress: the training beam

A gift list is nothing without a bonus gift!
For climbers who want to progress quickly and master all holds, nothing better than the climbing beam!

A precursor, YY Vertical has developed 4 climbing beams adapted to the levels of all climbers! Made from poplar wood, they offer excellent grip and respect for the skin. The rounded grips have also been designed to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible for daily training.

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