Team Enjoying Session at YY Vertical

Session Team-Enjoying chez YY Vertical

What's better than a big stress-relief session, bouncing around in giant bubbles or shooting each other with rubber arrows to strengthen bonds?

On Friday, July 31, the YY Vertical team gathered on a soccer field for some good laughs.

It was the perfect opportunity to say thank you, to say goodbye, and to welcome those who are involved, have been involved, and will be involved in the life of YY Vertical ✌

l'équipe yy vertical tente de constuire une tour
Team building? No! Team enjoying, yes!

Having a good atmosphere and a strong team spirit are not just words; they are the foundations of one of our CSR policy pillars: affirming kindness at the heart of our activity. And that includes well-being at work.

This well-being is reflected in listening to everyone's needs, creating a pleasant environment, offering opportunities for growth, training in specific skills, and, as is the case here, sharing collective and convivial moments.

For those interested:

  • Final score of bubble soccer: 0-0 ... normal for climbers who are more interested in performing acrobatic moves than scoring goals 😁
  • Final score of archery: 3 headshots, 4 bruises, and 78 'You never touched me! Maybe grazed, but not touched!'

un gif de l'équipe yy vertical en bubble foot

yy vertical fait du tir à l'arc

We can't wait for the next session!

We hope you'll join us ;)