Les grimpeurs d'YY en roadtrip à Ailefroide

YY climbers on a roadtrip in Ailefroide

In July 2022, the climbers of YY Vertical went for a week to Ailefroide in the Écrins massif to enjoy the good weather, climb on pretty rocks and test some recently launched products. Leaving with a whole group of great climbers, they brought back breathtaking images that perfectly transcribe the atmosphere, ambition and state of mind of YY Vertical.

One of the priorities during this roadtrip was to shoot videos, take photos and of course, enjoy. Small adventures like this are always great opportunities to bring back true and natural content. The images of La Baguette come straight from Ailefroide as an example.

This short journey was also an opportunity to reconnect more with nature and large calm spaces out of reach of the horns and hubbub of the city.