The new range of VerticalBoard climbing hangboard

La nouvelle gamme de poutres d’escalade VerticalBoard


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Another great move by the Isère-based brand YY Vertical, which has just released 3 new climbing hangboards. Following the success of the VerticalBoard One, YY Vertical expands its range with 3 complementary models. The idea? To meet the needs of all climbers with the VerticalBoard Light, the VerticalBoard First, and the VerticalBoard Evo.

VerticalBoard Light: The Climbing Hangboard for Beginners

The VerticalBoard Light is the ideal climbing hangboardfor beginners. It has been designed to assist novice climbers in building their stamina and strength. With its comfortable holds, deep edges, and elastic band holder, the Light allows new climbers to initiate beam training with confidence and peace of mind.

verticalboard light beam climbing strength training fingers yy vertical

VerticalBoard First: The Climbing Hangboard for Serious Training

With its 10 different holds, the First hangboard is aimed at intermediate climbers looking to get stronger. With its multiple holds of different depths, it allows for gradual training to achieve one's goals. Like the Light, its elastic band holder allows climbers to offset their weight with a band to facilitate exercises.

verticalboard first beam climbing training block pure strength

VerticalBoard EVO: The Climbing Hangboard for Experienced Climbers

The VerticalBoard Evo is the ultimate climbing hangboard for experienced climbers who want to level up. Mono, bi, slanted bi, 43° flats... The VerticalBoard Evo offers all the challenging and specific holds that pro climbers dream of. But that's not all! It also offers large comfortable holds for weighted pull-ups and a central handle for one-armed pull-ups.

one-arm pull-up training climbing block pure strength

In addition, it also comes with magnetic wedges. This allows for reducing the depth of the holds to transform crimps into micros and become a five-finger grip god/machine/monster.

yy vertical beam climbing strength training fingers

In Summary

An impressive complete range of climbing hangboards to meet the needs of all climbers, regardless of their level and goals. Moreover, the use of poplar wood allows for good grip while preserving the skin. Now, it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!