La gamme SHOCK à Chamonix

The SHOCK range in Chamonix

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of the UTMB , part of the YY Vertical team went to Chamonix for a day to create an animation in collaboration with the Snell Sports store. This world-famous trail running event was the perfect opportunity to promote our massage devices in collaboration with a long-time partner and retailer.

For the day, we set up our lounge chairs and massagers in front of the store to invite athletes, tourists and locals to try out our massagers. From morning to night, we have been busy explaining and showing interested parties how our products in the SHOCK range ( SHOCK One and SHOCK Mini ) work.

Many athletes and runners have tested our devices and their immediate feedback was very encouraging. Mainly, size and format emerged as very interesting aspects. Much smaller than other massagers on the market, the added value of ours is confirmed very quickly.

However, athletes were not the only ones to test our products. Tourists and Chamoniards were equally intrigued. Very quickly we realize that each user has his own use. Relief of tendinitis and treatment of body aches through the relaxation of muscles, everyone finds their interest and few are those who do not see any interest in it.